Version 0.9.10 Released

After 9 months, I've released a new version. Lots of changes; an overview below the fold.

Download the latest version for SourceForge:

  • Allow disabling of ipv6 comments via config file
    Some distributions didn't include comment support in early ip6tables versions. You can now disable the generation of comments against IPv6 rules using the "no_ipv6_comments" flag in the config file.
  • Updated errors and ommisions in the example standalone rules
  • Add vmbrX as valid interface identifier
  • Code improvements to match best practice
  • Fix to allow variables to be used in "iptables" lines
  • Validate "in" and "out" interfaces when used in rules
  • Add support for dropping bogons silently
  • Updated spoof protection rules
  • The fire script is now more flexible when saving rules to /etc by not depending on init scripts
  • Apple IOS helper; add port 5223 for push notifications
  • Add new bogon source